Avatrade Monero Broker

AvaTrade Monero broker is an international Forex broker part of the Ava Group of companies. Founded in 2006, they are one of the oldest online brokers with four offices, located in Japan, Australia, Ireland & British Virgin Islands.


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  • Regulated by ASiC, BVI, FSA(JP), FSB, MiFID
  • Over 10 years in business (established in 2006)
  • Headquarter In Ireland
  • Tel:1 212 941 9609
  • Web:https://www.avatrade.com
  • Email:cs@avatrade.com
  • Min. Deposit $100

Why Monero with AvaTrade


  • They offer monero CFD trades with up to 20:1 leverage
  • Traders are able to start trading Monero from Minimum deposit of  £100/$100/€100
  • Volatility makes for an excellent addition to any financial trading portfolio.
  • AvaTrade Monero Broker offers zero commissions on Monero Online trading and no bank fees charged on transactions.
  • The Monero market is available to traders 24/7*, for maximum convenience
  • 1-click functionality allows you to buy/sell Monero on our MT4 platform.

Like with all forex brokers this is offered as a CFD and in this case you do not enter the Market, when you are trading Monero with AvaTrade,  you are trading on the price changes of the digital coin, and not actually buying Monero.

Avatrade Monero & Cryptocurrencies Trading Conditions

Instrument Minimum Spread (Pips) Typical Spread (Pips) MetaTrader Leverage MetaTrader Margin AvaTrade Act Leverage AvaTrade Act Margin Minimum Nominal Trade Size
XMRUSD** $1.90 over market $1.90 over market 5:01 20% N/A N/A 1
ETHEREUM** $3.40 over market $3.40 over market 10:01 10% 10:01 10% 1
DASH** $5.00 over market $5.00 over market 5:01 20% 5:01 20% 1
RIPPLE** $0.0045 over market $0.0045 over market 5:01 20% 5:01 20% 1,000
ETCUSD** $0.20 over market $0.20 over market 5:01 20% N/A N/A 1
BTCUSD** $34.00 over market $34.00 over market 20:01 5% 20:01 5% 0.1
BTCEUR** €38.00 over market €38.00 over market 10:01 10% N/A N/A 0.1
BTCJPY** ¥5000 over market ¥5000 over market 10:01 10% N/A N/A 0
BCHUSD** $5.00 over market $5.00 over market 5:01 20% N/A N/A 0
LITECOIN Mini** $1.00 over market $1.00 over market 5:01 20% 5:01 20% 1
NEOUSD** $0.55 over market $0.55 over market 5:01 20% N/A N/A 1

Crypto Currency trading is not available on Islamic accounts.

Overnight Interest (daily) Sell Overnight Interest (daily) Buy Trading Hours (GMT) Expiration Exchange
-0.07% -0.07% 24/7 N/A N/A
  • Margin Calls on Crypto Currencies will be enforced during the weekends based on market trading rates. Should you wish to avoid this risk, clients should close their positions on Friday before EOD.
  • Maximum cumulative open trade size for Crypto Currencies is $500,000 notional value of total Crypto Currency positions.
    • 100 BTCUSD (10 LOTS)
    • 100 BCHUSD (10 LOTS)
    • 1,000 ETHEREUM (10 LOTS)
    • 1,000 DASH (10 LOTS)
    • 1,000,000 RIPPLE (10 LOTS)
    • 5,000 LITECOIN Mini (50 LOTS)***

***LITECOIN Mini has a maximum open trade size of 5,000 (50 LOTS).

AvaTrade License & Regulation

AvaTrade Monero and cryptocurrencies online trading Brokerage  is licensed by various financial regulators depending on your country of residence.

  • AVATrade EU Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, #C53877, which covers the entire European Union.
  • AvaCapital Markets Pty Ltd is licensed in South Africa by the FSB license #45984.
  • AvaTrade Japan K.K. is licensed by the FSA Japan #1662 & the Japan FFA #1574.
  • AvaCapital Markets Australia Pty Ltd is licensed by ASIC in Australia #406684.

With the recent volatility in the Forex markets and now even more in the cryptocurrency markets, it makes sense to only trade with the brokers that have a good license and thus insurance in case they fall and you still have money there.

the fact that Avatrade Monero & cryptocurrencies Broker has segregated accounts (which means your money an theirs is not mixed) is even better for the peace of heart.

Trading Forex, Stocks and CFDs carries risk and could result in the loss of your deposit, please trade wisely.