Crypto-Loot wordpress plugin
Crypto-Loot wordpress plugin

Crypto-Loot Monero Miner WordPress Plugin

This wordpress plugin enables a webmaster to earn money from visitors on their site by using your computing power to mine the cryptocurrency Monero.

This plugin is powered by Crypto-Loot, a javascript-based Monero mining platform. the plugin is the simplest one for Crypto-Loot. all tghe webmaster has to do simply install it, enter their Public Site Key, and they are automatically earning money through the use of your computer.!

the traffic if the website is routed through an iFrame using ExecuteMiner to ensure their mining code is always online and always updated. ExecuteMiner has a 3% commission fee.

in all honesty have not installed it and think i will also not do so. simply because there is this part of me that feel wrong ti use other peoples computer for the use of my mining but i have been victim of this also , not for Monero mining i think it was Bitcoin at that time , you will notice when your computer starts to get very slow , and some of these bots run during downtime when you are not actively working on your computer