The Future of Monero Trading

The Future of Monero Trading

Monero has been around now for a couple of years, 2014 to be more exact , they launched when the first boom in Cryptocurrencies saw a number of coins come into existence , and most of these are still active having made the market what it is today,

there is something to be said being among the first and paving the market for others. these crypto's have build some authority and brand recognize making the public more aware of them and thus also more trade-able.

Monero was of course created to rival Bitcoin in its supremacy and to improve upon the parts of Bitcoin that many of its users were skeptical about.

Mostly Monero has addressed the transparent nature of the blockchain and the transaction that go onto it, and for that reason, it has found a niche with the warning to keep their transactions private.

However, more impressive is that Monero is the leader in this aspect ahead of other coins that are also high up on the market cap with similar processes. ZCash and Dash are also aimed at being totally secretive, yet Monero still holds them off and is a strong coin in a volatile market.

at this moment you see that monero is the first one of the Rest , with this i mean that they are behind the Bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin .

As more and more regulation comes in, and thus more law enforcement and cyber policing becomes a reality for those using digital currencies, the coins that offer totally secrecy will become more valuable.

Monero has a niche market that it is dominating, and one that will attract more users as the need for pure secrecy grows in a market that is looking for pure decentralization.

This will never be the mainstream Cryptocurrency of choice but this is also not its purpose. on the other hand as stated it delivers perfectly on those features for which is was designed making it a cryptocurrency that is likely to stay around for much much longer and going up in price .

this will be slowly and not like bitcoin with huge jumps but rise it will. when you plan to trade cryptocurrencies this crypto will be less volatile and i would suggest to look at the day charts for trading instead for the minute charts . don't expect this to jump enormously and consider this ( in my opinion) a saver currency to trade then Bitcoin.

Keep in mind this is only my opinion and not trading advice , trade with proper money management and never more then 5 % of your entire portfolio in a trade.