How to start Trading Monero ?

How to start Trading Monero ?

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How to start Trading Monero


Monero is hugely popular with traders, as well as darknet users, but because of its volatile nature, and huge room to grow and thus for profits, there is a lot of interest in trading Monero.

A popular popular forex Broker that offers this cryptocurrency is Avatrade.

This fully regulated Broker sis at the moment the only one that offers trading in Monero setting this against the Usd. they have also other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, litecoin Ethereum and more.

How to start Trading Monero ?

1 - Firstly, go to the website: and sign up by again providing basic personal information. In fact, AVATRADE makes it even easier offering you a choice to sign up with Facebook or even Google+.

Once you are logged into your profile, you will need to fill in further personal information from your date of birth to your preferred choice of trading platform this is needed for their compliance which they are required to perform due to regulation requirements. -

They ask then some additional information in order to determine what type of trader you are and if you are a beginner or not , this will simply help them provide you with the tools that you need , as a professional or experienced trader does not need the education tools but more advanced charting for example.

When it comes to selecting your trading platform, if you are looking to trade Monero, it is best to select Floating Spread Account with MetaTrader 4. This will give you the option to work with Monero, as well as other Cryptocurrencies.

From here, you can fund your account, and much like with any other Forex Broker or cryptocurrency exchange , it is about linking a bank account to AVATRADE and making a direct deposit through the deposit methods they offer. the moment the funds have been deposited to your account  ( keep in mind that with a wire transfer this can take a bit of time) there are funds present, you can buy your Monero and start trading by clicking ‘Web Trading’.

then the questions of How to start Trading Monero is pretty well answered and you get to how to actually Trade any cryptocurrency .