UBCFX Monero Trading

UBCFX Monero Trading 

this broker has just recently opened it doors and done this in a way that can not be ignored, understanding the direction of the market they went strong all in on the cryptocurrency market by offering numerous cryptocurrencies for trading against the Usd and Euro as well as against other cryptocurrencies.

37327795_705528816445464_4662913295957622784_n-300x300 UBCFX Monero Broker  |  Trade XMR Forex Brokers offering Monero and other CryptoCurrency Trading

  • Headquarters Estonia
  • Foundation Year 2017
  • Tel:353 76 6803525
  • Web: https://www.UBCFX.com
  • Minimum Deposit  – $500
  • Deposit Options: Credit Card,, Wire Transfer

UBCFX Monero & Cryptocurrencies Trading Conditions

UBCFX-crypto-table-2 UBCFX Monero Broker  |  Trade XMR Forex Brokers offering Monero and other CryptoCurrency Trading

UBCFX company details

this Forex Broker started of with a bang , . the operation is set up by people that have been active in the industry for the last 12 years and know the market inside out . this is not always a good thing but in this case it is shows itself in the fast execution and professional handling of every issue . they are as yet not regulated but work according the the standard European regulation with all compliance and other facets in place.

they keep ofr example the accounts segregated making it easier for a trader to controls ts funds. from what we gathered also by talking to them they look to become a strong market player and are in it for the long haul .

As Yet they do not offer Monero but i am sure this will change in the future. if you are new to trading or just new to trading cryptocurrencies, etoro cryptocurrencies Copy funds will help you along the way fast and easy.

The Ultimate Platform to Trade Monero CFDs

the Broker offer 4 trading platforms

UBCFX-Trading-Platforms UBCFX Monero Broker  |  Trade XMR Forex Brokers offering Monero and other CryptoCurrency Trading

UBCFX Sirix Web Trader

The UBCFX Sirix Web Trader platform offers an exclusive set of trading solutions, including social trading. The UBCFX Sirix Platform is user-friendly and easy to operate and monitor, also for new traders. The platform is available online, no download required.

  • Simplified & user-friendly graphics
  • Stay up-to-date with instantly updated data
  • One-click-fast trade execution
  • Execute, set limits and control your risk within seconds

Activ8 WebTrader

The most innovative platform, enables Activ8’s users to trade based on technical analysis and live trade signals across several asset classes.

  • Advance technology
  • Smart, fully automated interface
  • Centered around ease of use
  • A functionality which will see increased broker productivity and profitability

UBCFX Sirix Station

UBCFX Sirix Station offers the ultimate combination of stability and configurability in a downloadable Forex trading platform. Its intuitive interface allows you to easily understand how to place trades, and even includes a one-touch trading option, which directs your orders to one of our top-tier liquidity providers without any kind of delay.

  • Advanced charting features
  • Ultra-fast execution
  • Calculate market patterns and news events effect easily
  • see how other traders react to current trading conditions

UBCFX Sirix Mobile Trader

This state-of-the-art UBCFX Sirix Mobile Trader platform is designed for our clients who work mostly from their mobiles or tablets. Using the UBCFX Sirix Mobile Platform, you can virtually take the market with you anywhere you go.

  • process orders by a single click at any time of the day
  • Real time profit/loss & interactive currency charts
  • Stay up to date, no down-time
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use

UBCFX Trading Accounts

this Broker offers different trading accounts for those looking to start trading .

the accounts are divided according to the initial Funding of your account but even the most basic account delivers more then enough benefits to get started the correct way.

UBCFX-Trading-Account-Types UBCFX Monero Broker  |  Trade XMR Forex Brokers offering Monero and other CryptoCurrency Trading

UBCFX Demo Account

they offer a full service demo account where you are able to test your strategies and how the broker is handling your trading. we believe it would always be a smart way to start with a demo but now even more so as not everyone know this new trading platform the Activ8

Trading Signals

In addition they provide trading signals that are supposed to be very good ( we as yet have not started using them but will so in the next couple of weeks and will report accordingly). they call them trading recommendations and this will tell you when to trade and what to trade

UBCFX Islamic Account

UBCFX Islamic accounts is for all those traders that follow the Islamic faith ,. it allows you to trade without commissions ans swap fees .

Now the issue is here that everything already is without Swap fee so essential every account by default is more or less an Islamic accounts but you can make it more official the moment you open an account and ask them to make sure that your account is transferred to the Islamic desk and made as full Islamic account. since you never know if some assets require some fees in the future.

UBCFX Social Trading

you have the ability to also dabble in social trading as the Sirix Platform that is developed By leverate software company also offers a social Trading part.

this helps new traders to get started and what it allows you to do is a follow profitable traders and if you find the traders you like you can actually also automatically cope their trades . you still of course decide a to copy them with how much of your capital.

Trading Platforms
Crypto Trading Conditions
Accounts Benefits
Overall Broker
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