Winserv.exe starts covert Monero crypto-coin mining process

Winserv.exe operates as the executable file responsible for crypto-currency mining process. It functions alongside AudioHD.exe Miner. Both tasks are visible in the Task Manager. The latter also is entitled as XMRig, which is associated with Monero. The former, winserv.exe, runs under the name of WindowsHub process. The ability to drain over 70% of CPU memory resources gives out the true origin of the file.

During their presence on the operating system, affected users are likely to experience the following effects:

  • slow program launching process
  • buffering videos
  • programs become non-responsive

XMRrig seems to be a legitimate software which also uses Windows support[1]. Mining crypto-coins has been a popular activity among certain groups of the virtual community. For that purpose, new equipment is manufactured.

The introduction of CoinHive utility which website administrators mine users coins at the expense of visitors’ CPU energy resources made a breakthrough in the online mining process. Crooks intending to make easy money from such activity find ways how to foist miners into apps and browser extensions.

Google Play remains to be a popular target not only for foisting malware but disguising miners as well. It might explain how Winserv.exe and AudioHD.exe file got your operating system.

On the other hand, finding the app which serves as the disguise for the miner might be an indeed troublesome task. The analysis reveals[2] that malware developers tend to foist the miners under completely random app names.

Recent ones were entitled as SafeBrowse, Recitiamo Santo Rosario FreeSafetyNet Wireless App, Car Wallpaper HD: mercedes, ferrari, bmw and audi[3]. Therefore, manually identifying the source of infection might turn out into futile activity.

On the other hand, it is possible to remove Winserv.exe and AudioHD.exe miners with the assistance of software assistance. For that purpose, Reimage or Malwarebytes Anti Malware might be useful. The majority of anti-virus tools can identify miners as well. Besides, Winserv.exe removal, you should also get acknowledged how to prevent miners from hijacking your CPU resources.

Crypto-coin miner prevention and removal

You might also reboot the system to repeat the scanning process to ensure Winserv.exe removal was successful. At the moment, there are already dozens of browser extensions identifying crypto-coin miners’ in apps as well as websites. On the other hand, choose wisely as you may accidentally install a malicious copy of a legitimate crypto-currency miner which does the contrary to the original extension.

The case of AdBlocker Plus[4] reminds you to be cautious. Check users’ reviews in independent forums since the ratings of an app in Chrome Web store can be easily counterfeited.

Do not forget to update your security extensions. They will help you block and remove miners similar to winserv.exe virus. If you can recall which app the miner sneaked into the system, delete it right away. It will complete Winserv.exe removal.

 verdict - status of the file:

Advice: If your computer seems sluggish, or you are suffering from unwanted advertisements and redirects to unknown websites, we highly recommend you to scan it with reputable anti-spyware program. Do some FREE scan tests and check the system for unwanted applications that might be responsible for these problems.

Reimage is a tool to detect malware.
You need to purchase Full version to remove infections.